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June 2022
(Pre-program activities begin May 2021)

Our souls are all-knowing and wise.

They have so much to offer and teach us.

Who and what we really are,

and what we truly desire.

As long as we ask and listen.

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Are you ready for more joy and inspiration in your daily life?


Would you like to have a deeper connection with your soul so that you can receive guidance and wisdom that is your unique truth and perfect for you?


We welcome you to join us for our 21-day program, designed to raise your vibration even higher and connect you further with your soul so that you shine even brighter each and every day!


A Soul Inspired Life is as unique as you are and no two are the same. We all have our very own "Soul’s Language". Our souls speak to us through inspirations that only you would recognize: Through art, emotions, intuition, dreams, energy levels, nature, synchronicities and so on.

There is no right or wrong way of understanding your soul’s language, but it does take practice and a lot of trust. It’s trusting what messages and experiences mean for you and knowing that it is your soul speaking to you.

These next 21 days will awaken and unlock your soul’s language. It’s a journey filled with daily “Soul Inspired” prompts, activities and rituals. It’s about investing the time to listen to your soul’s guidance and to discover your own soul's language. The more you practice and tune in, the clearer and stronger the messages will be.

This journey is about being inspired by your soul, taking risks, being silly, saying yes or no, following your passions, investing in your dreams and allowing your soul to inspire your decisions and lead the way!

Throughout this 21-day journey, you will receive morning journal writing prompts, daily guidance to harness the power of gratitude, aromatherapy recommendations to infuse each day with the high vibrations of essential oils, daily challenges to inspire your growth and transformation, inspirational quotes and phrases, beautiful mandalas for you to colour, a powerful nightly releasing ceremony, and 21 different soul-inspired activities to empower and inspire you each day! 

A New Program Is Born!

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What happens when an Initiated Priestess who’s also a Natural Witch gets together with an essential oil loving Psychologist? Besides travelling halfway around the world to hang out in an ancient underground cave said to be a gateway to other realms (yes, we did that lol!), you get a beautiful combination of science and mysticism that draws from ancient practices and present research. Join Gillian White and Dr. Alishia Alibhai on this 21-day journey that combines 30+ years of experience in energy healing, teaching meditation, Psychology, Celtic and African Folk Magick, Soul Coaching®, Feng Shui, mindfulness-based techniques, and aromatherapy.

Join Gillian & Alishia on this beautiful journey to greater inspiration and a deeper connection with your soul!

Included in this program:

  • 21-days to a Soul Inspired life book

  • 21-Card Oracle Deck

  • Daily connection, guidance and support from Gillian & Alishia via email & Zoom

  • 4 Live Zoom Gatherings, including Welcome and Completion Ceremonies

  • 9 Meditations

  • Personalized Certificate of Completion, via email for you to print off

Our Journey

Your participation in this program is from the comfort of your own home and you will be able to participate in a way that fits with your schedule! You will receive your own personal 21 Days to a Soul Inspired Life book and your oracle card deck in the mail. You will receive daily emails with guidance and teachings from us. We will also have 4 live Zoom meetings for us to gather as a group and answer any questions and offer further teachings and insights. All Zooms will be recorded for your convenience.

MAY 9, 2022 Registration Closes for our US & Canadian Participants (May (May 2, 2022 - cut off for our overseas  participants to allow time for mailing)

  • Soul Inspired Book & Oracle cards will be mailed out mid April 2022


MAY 23, 2022


  • Welcome Video  - Please watch our welcome video that will be emailed to you. 


MAY 23 - 29th, 2022 - (Pre-Program Activities)

Monday - Sunday

  • Read and complete assignments up until "Day 1" in your Soul Inspired Book and using the instructions provided please:

  • Create your altar (Intention Space)

  • Complete your vision board/page

  • Set up your releasing ceremony space


May 30, 2022 (Official Day 1 of the Program!)


  • Welcome Ceremony! We will go live via Zoom at 7 pm MST. In case you aren't able to join live, a link to the recording will be emailed to you in the following morning’s email.

May 30 - June 27

Monday - Friday

  • Daily inspirations, meditations and guidance via your Soul Inspired Book & via email from Alishia and Gillian

  • Recorded MEDITATIONS that will be emailed to you. Topics:

    • Roots​

    • Ancestral Guidance

    • Tree Wisdom

    • Crystal Connection

    • Flow

    • Shine

    • Journey Into Your Future

    • Freedom

    • Radiance


Saturday - Sunday

  • Are for rest and reflection

Zoom Calls

  • Please submit comments and questions in advance

  • Zoom calls will be no longer than 60 minutes in duration and will be recorded (the link to the recording will be emailed in the next day’s email). 

  • All live Zoom gatherings will take place at 7 pm MST on the following dates:

    • Monday, May 30 - Welcome Ceremony

    • Wednesday, June 8 - Q & A

    • Wednesday, June 15 - Q & A

    • Monday, June 27 - Closing Ceremony

Tuesday, June 28


  • Look for your personalized Certification of Completion from us, via email!


$311.85 CAD (shipping & taxes included)



Via Etransfer: Please send $311.85 to and please use "soul21" as the answer to the security question for us.

Via Paypal: Please click here to pay via paypal


*If you wish to be certified to guide people through this program, please see our Inspired Life Guide Certification


Kindly understand that since we are mailing out materials,

all payments are non-refundable.

Thank you.

Flower Arrangement 5

"Just a quick note to thank you both! Your program is bar none! I have loved every piece of it. I was kind of sad to wake this morning and know it's over Lol.  I have always been a person of routine n ritual and of course will continue on with many of your great ideas.  It was just what I needed to connect me even deeper. The weaving you refer to is incredible! There were many synchronicity's throughout the program. So so good! Thank you again! "

"Thank you so much for this incredible experience! It has been a wonderful 21 days! ️"



"Thank you both beautiful Souls Alishia and Gillian for the most heart and soul opening in these unpredictable times we’re living to bring together this group of amazing sisters that we still have the freedom to get up every morning and make a conscious choice to include Magick in our life on good days and the not so good days. I am looking forward to continue this awesomeness journey. Blessings to both of you."

"Hard to believe that 21 days has passed. This has been an amazing journey and I’m grateful to have fulfilled a wish list item of taking this class. I pray for sustainable living and to take all the beautiful gifts and rituals and continue making them part of my “me doing me” lifestyle. Thank you Gillian and Alishia. Words do not express the profound gratitude I’m feeling."

"Thank you both for helping me get on track. The last 3 weeks have been amazing and I look forward to moving forward with new, healthier, self-centered habits. Love you both and hope the universe allows us to meet in person one day. This has been a very supportive loving group."

"Thank you both Alishia and Gillian for this amazing journey, and allowing me to be a part of it. I do have to say I am not ready for it to be over so soon. But hearts to both of you and all the beautiful souls that took part in this journey."

"Thank you again Alishia and Gillian and all the sisters in here for this wonderful experience. I can't tell you how much this program, and all of you sharing so much over the 21 days, helped me to joyfully connect with my soul again."

"Namaste' Alishia and Gillian, I am so grateful to have found you and participated in this incredible 21 day journey of a Soul Inspired Life.  My heartfelt appreciation . . . this was an amazing journey."

"Also an even bigger thank you to yourself and Alishia for this amazing program. I totally loved it and received so much out of it already. It has been the perfect way to finish the year (as I knew it would be!). You and Alishia have a beautiful combination of energies that gel so well together. Much love to you both!"

"Thank you very much! This was a really helpful journey, so much fun and exactly what I was hoping for.  Enjoyed it all! "


May you shine bright each day and brighter than the person you were yesterday! 

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