Foothills, Alberta


(just south of Calgary, Alberta)


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Heal Your Home, Heal Your Soul

© 2019 by Gillian White

Nancy & Gillian

Nancy and Gillian  met at a new age supply shop and instantly recognized a kindred spirit in each other. We began having regular gatherings to perform rituals and work spells with other like-minded souls. We found that writing our own spells and performing our own rituals had more power than using traditional rites. We traveled together to Ireland, Wales, England and Massachusetts (Salem) to further connect to the ancient magickal ways. Our magick is natural and personal. To us, magick is a way of being in the world, a way of perceiving and interacting with everything and everyone around us.

Nancy Woodward

I am a natural witch.  My life is magickal all on its own because of the perspective I choose to see things from.  Spirit presents itself in its own way every moment of the day - we just need to learn to see it.  It is a dance that we can all learn to participate in, from working spells while cooking dinner, to projecting yourself a safe journey every time you get in your car.  It is simply a matter of tuning in and paying attention.   Magick is for everyone and can be done by anyone, anywhere.



Learned Wisdom

Registered Massage Therapist

Reiki Practitioner

Sacred Lomi Temple Body Work

Shamanic Practice

Indian Head Massage


Ritual Practices

Equine Massage

Evolutionary Astrology​

Inner Wisdom



Nature Magick

Spell Weaver

Intuitive Empath

Truth Seer and Communicator

Friend of the Fae

Gillian White

I am a Natural Witch, a Midwife to Wisdom, a Guide, a Healer and most of all a Sister, Daughter, Wife and a Mother.
My purpose in this lifetime is to share what I "know." I have an innate ability to unleash ones own soul magick. I have an abundance of practical tips to assist others in stepping into one's own truth, to live a life of magick, balance, freedom, abundance and most of all love.

Learned Wisdom

Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner & Trainer

Initiated Priestess

Certified Past Life Coach

Feng Shui Zone Master

Certified Space Clearing Practitioner

Reiki Master & Teacher

Angel Therapy Practitioner®

Crystal Healer

Quantum Clairvoyant

Certified Advanced Dowsing Practitioner

Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Practitioner

Inner Wisdom

Witch and Intuitive

Deep Inner 'Knowing'

Gypsy Soul



Connection to my ancestors, creator, guides, guardians, mama earth & all her inhabitants.

"Witch is another word for Wise Woman."