Elements of a Witch

This online course is an in-depth overview of the five elements,


in Terra Wyrrd Witchery.



Terra Wyrrd.  Earth magick.  The female and male divine and loving energy that infuses everything on this planet.  Connection to spirit and intuition.  Moving with the energies of the earth to achieve harmonious growth and spiritual evolution.


We embrace ceremony and ritual (wyrrding) as a tool for getting in touch with spirit and ourselves.  It has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with manifesting what you want in your life.  It has to do with remaking yourself by being your best true loving self, while still embracing the darkness within with loving acceptance. It is a tool for soul work and spiritual exercise.


We, the keepers of Terra-Wyrrd, want to share our way of seeing the world, what may be a new way of connecting with the divine that is missing in so many lives of the friends we have yet to meet.



The elements are the building blocks of magick.  We call on and invoke the elements, which are the foundations of all of creation.  If you want to send energy out into the world, you need to have a personal relationship with the components that make up everything in the universe.  This course builds those foundations.

Connecting to the elements is an essential practice in casting a circle, the way in which we create sacred and protected space to work spells. This course is designed to give you the opportunity to form the necessary relationships with the elements that you will need for your work as a witch.



This is for people who are are new to magical practice or for witches who are looking for ways to connect more deeply with the elements and their craft. Working with the Five Elements is the foundation of Terra Wyrrd Witchery.



You work at your own pace.  There is no set timeline for this to be completed, but some may find it easy to complete one element per week, resulting in a Five week course.


For each element there is a recorded meditation, short video invocation of the element, five assignments and an oracle card spread.

This training is designed for you to create a personal and deep connection to each element.

As sisters, we are one another's truth tellers. We are one another's loving and honest mirrors. We advise, even when we are not queried. And we let go so that each may fly on her own wings. Our sisters are our bonds with the deepest mysteries. As sisters, we are the ones who bleed, we are the ones who birth, we are the ones who nourish, we are the ones who weave the web, and we are the ones who cut the cord. As women, as sisters, as priestesses, we stand at the doorways of life and death, bonded by the cycles of our bodies and our lives.

~ Anne Key, Desert Priestess

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