Wyld Witch Spirit Dolls

The Bíseach Witch


The Spirit Doll, is an ancient being, she is a linked to our ancestral memory. These magical familiars are a bridge to ancient wisdom, magick, healing and a well of love held for you by your ancestors.


With a needle I worked the wool over many hours of binding and shaping and infusing your Wyld Witch with powerful intentions, dreams and prayers.


Your Wyld Witch has the magickal roots of the spiral, a symbol for creation and growth.  The Spiral represents enlightenment, motion, life, rebirth and conciousness. It is the path that leads one from the outer world to your inner soul. She connects you to the stars, while keeping you centered and grounded. 


The spirit doll can be a mirror or a bridge to a powerful part of yourself that you might not be able to express or see. She is a friend and the more time you spend with this friend the more you begin to see yourself in her.


Shipping Included.


Dimensions: 6" x  2"

The Bíseach Witch



    Foothills, Alberta


    (just south of Calgary, Alberta)


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