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New 2024 Dates!

June 7th - June 13, 2024

The most common statement we hear from people who have taken the Soul Coaching® course is that it was a profound turning point in their lives. For almost everyone, a remarkable transformation occurs during this course. Personal blockages and limitations dissolve. Self-esteem and confidence expands and an inner peace begins to grow.

As part of this certification, you will:

  • Awaken inner peace and illuminate your soul

  • Embark on a life assessment

  • Understand the specific turning points in your life

  • Discover your personal spiritual allies

  • Learn how to lead groups through different powerful programs, including the 28-Day Program

  • Learn how to overcome recurring fears

  • Release victim-thinking and choose your future

  • Learn how to live a spirit-led life and still live in the world

  • Create a Vision Seed Map to empower your future

  • Awaken your potential

  • Get to make a spirit stick

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Feng Shui Magick.png


January 17 - February 21

Six Week Feng Shui Magickal Journey

After our six weeks, you'll have access to ALL the lessons to work at your own pace and reference back to the teachings for years to come.

Your Feng Shui Journey

In this course, you will go from feeling stuck and unmotivated to feeling energized and inspired and experience what it feels to be in balance mentally, physically, and spiritually.


You Will Improve The Life You Are Living!

Wyld Women Tours
Scotland • Iceland• Ireland



The elements are the building blocks of magick. We call on and invoke the elements, which are the foundations of all of creation. If you want to send energy out into the world, you need to have a personal relationship with the components that make up everything in the universe. This course builds those foundations.

There is no fixed date - this is a self-guided, self-paced course. You participate in this program from the comfort of your home once you register. You get to journey through this program at your own pace, and you can watch the videos as often as you wish and take as long or as little to complete this course. You can work at your own witch's pace! 


Zoom Gathering

December, Monday 4, 2023

7:00pm MST - one hour gathering. Will be recorded and added to your classroom if you are not able to make it live.

 Join Gillian and Tammy on an intuitive journey where you will develop and enhance your powerful inner knowing.

Anatomy of Intuition.png

Wyld Sister Tribe

Monthly In-person Gatherings in the Yurt!

This is a sacred space where we create magick, connect with the divine feminine, a circle where we share or listen to women's wisdom, honour ancient traditions and ritual, share laughter, songs, honour our unique cycles, a place for us to come alive..... this is a soul place where you ignite your inner wyld woman!

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Saturday September 16th

6:30pm - 8:00pm  

Witches Magick Circle: Celebrating Mabon

Presenter: Gillian White  

Weaving Soul Magick

It is time to gather by the sacred fire and celebrate as our ancestors did many moons ago, for it is Mabon, the Witches' Thanksgiving! A glorious time of gratitude and joy! A time to harvest what we have sown and make time-honoured pledges. Let's honour the deities, perform sacred rituals, and dance by the holy flame. All are welcome to join this sacred Sabbat, whether you are a seasoned witch or a curious muggle who wants to connect with the magickal world. You will experience what it's like to be in a witch's coven through circle casting, banishing rights, ritual work, and spell casting. Blessed Be.​​

Image by John Lee


Heal the Body, Silence the Mind &

Allow the Soul to Speak

October 13th - 15th

It's a spiritual wellness retreat at the beautiful Banff Rocky Mountain Resort. You will immerse yourself in a weekend of self-care, healing and relaxation – while harnessing the powerful energies of spring to bring about growth and transformation! Choose from 28 Body and Mind events (including mine) and personalize a retreat schedule tailored to your individual learning style and self-care needs.


Soulful Happenings

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