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Welcome Spirit


Spirit is our fifth element and the final point on the star of the pentagram. This element is often referred to as Akasha or Ether. The element of spirit is both feminine and masculine. It is the element of potential, and so it is unknowable in this regard. Spirit is the connector of all the other elements. It is the element that transcends, yet is a part of all the other elements. It is the space and the void which allows all things to exist. It is formless, and yet very real. It is undefinable and difficult to describe – in fact, some people spend their whole lives trying to understand and experience spirit. It is inner space, the “still point,” the place the soul resides.

Spirit is the piece of the divine inside of us – our soul that cannot be destroyed. It is the spark of life in all things. Spirit is complete, balanced energy and it extends everywhere throughout the universe. It does not have an associated direction, because it is all directions, so we associate it with the centre. It is within and without.

It is the spirit of our ancestors, of places and time. It is the Source of all the elements, and of all things. It is the highest frequency that descends into lower dimensions to create manifestation, but in its pure state, it is everything and nothing all at the same time. It can be conceptualized as the higher forces in the universe that trickle-down, becoming denser and denser, in combination with the other elements, to become our lower dimensions of the reality that we experience.

The result of touching this element is enlightenment. The sense it governs is bliss. Rather than being associated with a season, it is represented by the turning of the wheel of the year.

Getting in touch with the element of spirit is about sensing what is not sensed by our regular five senses, which can make it a rather elusive element. 


It is the element of inner vision and wisdom – it is our third eye and our 6th sense. Reincarnation and past life regression have to do with the element of spirit, since it is the recycling of your divine energy through many lifetimes.


Ghosts and spirits are a form of the fifth element, as they are purely energetic of an entity that may have once had a body, but has not ascended back to the source state after leaving the physical realm, or entered another incarnation yet (for whatever reason.) Occasionally ghosts are just people who have passed on from the physical but do not know it yet, and gently alerting them to this fact is enough for them to move on from this trapped state.

It is hard for us to know our own spirit since it is beyond mind, and the mind is where we all live and interact with the world. Spirit can be thought of as the spaces between our thoughts – the part of us that is, but not the part of us that thinks. Ego, although a very necessary and important part of us, often gets in the way of knowing our souls. Ego is the tool of the soul, and so we should never seek to be free of our ego, but rather work with it in a way that the underlying soul can be revealed to us. Many new age ideals involve “letting go of the ego” which is actually impossible as it is an integral part of being able to live in this dimension.


Many people believe the fifth element is unknowable, but it must be approached in a different way than all other knowledge. It is innate, and therefore cannot be inspected as something outside of us. Rather, we can observe its aspect of connection to everything as a way of exploring it indirectly.


Enjoy working with this elusive element toward a path of enlightenment and bliss!

Calling The Spirit of SPIRIT

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