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Gather in a circle and feel the wonders of Sisterhood. Women throughout time and across the world have lived by ceremonies as a way to honour, celebrate, mourn, and process. These circles are a sacred space where you find your powerful voice, release limiting beliefs, feel connected, healed, heard and inspired. By gathering in ritual, we reconnect to the rhythms of nature, both around us and within us. This gives us the strength to be our full magickal, authentic selves.

This is a sacred space where we create magick and connect with the divine feminine. In this circle, we share or listen to women's wisdom, honour ancient traditions and rituals, share laughter, and songs, and celebrate our unique cycles; a place for us to come alive..... this is a soul place where you ignite your inner wyld woman!

Gillian has gathered women in ceremonies for many moons and has facilitated hundreds of Wyld Sister Circles. Gillian is a natural witch, an initiated Priestess, an International Soul Coaching® Trainer, a Feng Shui Master, an Energy Healer, and a Midwife to Wisdom. She has an innate ability to unleash one's own soul's magick. It is Gillian's journey to support one in remembering their heart song and to live a passion-filled, inspired, harmonious and joyful life. Join Gillian in remembering your magickal self.

UPDATE! Venue Change!

We are a larger group, and I wanted to ensure we had enough room for all our sisters! We'll gather at Red Deer Lake Community Hall - just up the road from my house. Directions to follow. 

Join us as we celebrate the magick of Litha at our upcoming potluck event! As we step into the vibrant embrace of summer, we celebrate the arrival of Litha, the Midsummer or Summer Solstice, on June 20th. Litha, a spirited fire sabbat, calls us into a jubilant atmosphere. It's a time to reconnect with the natural rhythms and bask in the luminous growth within and around us. This is a heartfelt invitation to our cherished community, offered as a gift from my heart to yours. Let's gather to revel in each other's company, indulge in delicious fare, and share laughter and camaraderie. A special ritual to honour Litha awaits us, followed by an evening of celebration and sisterhood.


Here's what you need to bring:

  • Indoor shoes - or bare feet are always a treat

  • Your favourite oracle or tarot deck

  • Your favourite snack (homemade or bought)

  • Wear your most flowy witchy clothing & if you feel called to - Make yourself a flower crown (real flowers or fake). Here is a fun how-to link

  • Donation for the Calgary Foodbank - As witches, we know the importance of giving back to the community


Please sign up here, space is limited.


With love and gratitude,


“For too much of my life
I’ve apologized when I wasn’t 
wrong, all to make a situation 

Wyld Sister Circles In The Yurt

7:00pm - 9:00pm

(6:50pm arrival - ritual begins at 7:05pm)

A safe and sacred space for anyone who identifies as a

woman of all ages can come to share their life stories, express their full self, and embrace the divine feminine and magick!

Fee: $30

* Includes all supplies, teachings, tea, lemon water & yummy snack


In the beautiful setting of Gillian's acreage in her yurt - 8 minutes south of Calgary (directions will follow after registration.)

Places fill up fast & numbers are limited to 18 sisters. 
Full payment must be made in order to secure your spot. ​

                *No refunds, unless a sister fills your spot.

Booking Tip: Click on the actual date on the calendar, for it to show up as available. 

If the circles fill up, please send me an email at and I will add you to the waitlist. 

Gratitude & Love Sisters! 💕

“The Priestess teaches us that when we feather our own nests with all that is in alignment with our heart, our bliss and our joy, the life that emerges gives rise to our medicine.”
                                                                                       –Cara Campbell

Wyld Sister Tribe

Within the depths of our wyld sister gatherings, we find the magick of sisterhood, the power of authenticity, and the wyldness of our souls dancing under the moonlight.

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