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Private Witches Circle

Gathering in circles is a tradition that has been around since ancient times. There are countless reasons to gather in ritual, from celebrating victories, honouring the seasons, support for challenging times, coming of age, welcoming a new baby, and any joyful moments.


Gillian will weave a beautiful circle for your group’s intention for the gathering.


Limited to 18 magickal souls in the yurt.


The average gathering is 2.5 hours.

RATE: $380

*Includes gathering in the yurt, ritual creation, 2.5 hour ceremony, crafting, all supplies and snacks (including tea & Water)

"As sisters, we are one another's truth-tellers. We are one another's loving and honest mirrors. We advise, even when we are not queried. And we let go so that each may fly on her own wings. Our sisters are our bonds with the deepest mysteries. As sisters, we are the ones who bleed, we are the ones who birth, we are the ones who nourish, we are the ones who weave the web, and we are the ones who cut the cord. As women, as sisters, as priestesses, we stand at the doorways of life and death, bonded by the cycles of our bodies and our lives."

~ Anne Key, Desert Priestess

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