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"I have been to Ireland numerous times as my family is from Ireland and many relatives still live there.  I have visited with them in Ballaghaderreen and have gone to the usual tourist locations with them in the Northwest.  I have even travelled with a tourist group visiting all the same locations in and around Dublin.

But when I saw the advertisement for the Wyld Women Tour to Northwest Ireland, I instantly wanted to go.  An all women's trip sounded divine.  Of course, then the doubts set in:  I don't know anyone; I'll be travelling from the USA all by myself; I'll be staying before and after alone; can I really take off from work, family, pets for that long? 


I am so grateful my yearning to go back to Ireland outweighed these distractions.  Gillian creates a nurturing, sacred space for everyone to enjoy.  And The energies of the women in the group were friendly, supportive, kind and loving.  I definitely came home with many more sisters than I arrived with.  

From the very first stop at Newgrange, you are taken back to the mystical, magickal parts of Ireland and its people.  This site is older than Stonehenge, the energies of the ancients is truly transformative.  I could have stayed there absorbing the energies the whole trip, but then I would have missed all the other hidden gems.

We spent many days and nights at Temple House in awe of the furnishings, property and Knights Templar ruins.  Exploring the grounds and many outbuildings in search of fairies and other wee folks.  In the evenings, holding ceremony at the ruins was one of the highlights for me, so powerful, so grounding, so blissful.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fabulous food Roderick had prepared for us each morning and evening.  He was able to work with dietary restrictions and still create delicious meals for all.

At the end of each day, I gratefully acknowledged that we had outdone the day before.  I didn't think it was possible to continue to do so, but we did.  Each day held a different magical experience for us, whether it was frolicking with the fairies at Knocknashee and the fairy glens, enjoying the Cliffs of Sleive League, visiting Donegal (and the pubs), sacred ceremonies on Maeve's mountain, enjoying a restorative seaweed bath in Strandhill or singing Goddess songs in complete darkness in the Cave of the Cats.  We visited countless cemeteries (all amazing), climbed hills to explore ancient caves, climbed up sacred hilltops to perform rituals.  I was astounded at all the hidden‑in‑plain‑sight magickal locations we explored.  I never heard of, nor visited, any of these sites in my prior visits.

We also had the best tour guide.  Funny, knowledgeable and able to hold his own with all of us, joining us in song, playing instruments, storytelling and beautifully crafting woodwork were just a few of his talents.

In fact, I loved this trip so much I am going again this year and bringing some friends.  So many things in my life shifted in a positive way upon my return.  It's no coincidence.  I am looking forward to going back, going deeper and returning with even more ancient wisdom from our ancestors."


Laura, New Jersey, USA

"I was very resistant to taking this trip for a lot of the usual excuses we tell ourselves, "too much money to spend on myself, don't want to travel without my hubby, fear of the unknown, I don't know anyone, may not be my kind of thing, I'd rather go ...".  Well, so grateful Gillian finally convinced me to take the leap!!!  This trip was a "dream come true" trip!  Ireland is truly a magical, historical, beautiful, women power kind of place.  From the pick up at the airport to the drop off it was so memorable.  Our manor house accommodations were so amazing, the staff and the grounds truly felt like home with so much to explore and the food was gourmet, I ate things that I never would have tried before and loved everything.  Each day we went on a new adventure, very hesitant to participate at first but by the end, I was all in!  Our bus driver was an excellent historian and storyteller along with being a great driver.  If you are thinking you could do Ireland at a better price on your own, let me tell you, you can't, this was a first-class tour with a very small number of wonderful people!  Just Do It!!  You won't regret it!"


Robin, a very happy traveller





“The lifelong yearning to visit the land of my grandmothers was soulfully and lovingly guided by Gillian White.  Every step on the journey and every connection to land, sky and spirit was magically woven into every activity; right down to the seat of Temple House and the hospitality of Roderick Perceval and his amazing family – living and departed! A place of peace, reflection and communion with the essence of the Sligo countryside.


Sam, our, expert guide and keeper of the old ways and stories, filled our excursions with the magic of the Fey folk which deepened my connection to them and to my ancestors.


Every moment was carefully planned and filled in some wonderful way; with magical ritual, much appreciated rest, entertaining storytelling, delicious (absolutely delicious) meals, or just listening to the wind with a lovely glass of Guinness.


I have not the words to impart the meaning that this journey still holds for me.  I recommend it to you with all my heart not only for the beauty that is Ireland and her sacred places but also for the discovery of the spirit of the land, the joy of discovering it and the bonds made with those travelling with you.  It is a gift that I gave to myself, a gift then fulfilled by the love, care and evident hard work of dearest Gillian White.  My gratitude is eternal.


Sheilah, a granddaughter of Ireland



"Gillian White of Wyld Women Tours expertly leads a cultural tour of Sligo County, Ireland. A tour that will transport you to bygone eras where you will be immersed in Celtic culture and lore. 


Our small group was housed at Temple House (family home of the Perceval family since 1665) which is a beautiful Georgian manor set in a private estate of over 1,000 acres, overlooking a 13th-century lakeside castle of the Knights Templar. 


The expert guide who accompanied our small group was outstanding - passionate, informative, engaging and entertaining. Gill's itinerary is well thought out and varied - combining activity with leisure time.  Each day we set out on a new adventure where we visited ancient tombs, enchanted hills and dales, mystic caves, and medieval castles. The Wyld Women clients are definitely at the heart of the itinerary planning, and attention to detail is second to none. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone wanting a fun, relaxed, educational holiday with atmospheric accommodation and sumptuous meals. . . it was the best trip ever."

Sheila, Okotoks Canada 




“This is how to do the Emerald Isle!  The beauty, the nature, the history,  the lore, the music, the food, the magic AND with like-minded explorers of wonder!  Superb.  As each day unfolded,  yet another expansive experience emerged.  I’m so very grateful for this  tour ..... and will be back! “


Barb, Banff Canada 

"I signed up for Gillian‘s tour to see the true essence of Ireland.  I went into this trip travelling on my own not really knowing any of the women I was meeting up with. I feel we all became friends quickly. The environment was perfect to create unity amongst us. Our tour guide Sam brought magic to every location we went to with his beautiful Irish voice and amazing stories.  I feel I saw the actual history and culture of Ireland in a stress-free fun environment. I would do this trip again in a minute. Oh and the food at the manor house... yum!!! I could honestly just go on and on..."

Jody, Okotoks Canada



The recent trip to Ireland was amazing and powerful! It was really well organized and I LOVED all the sacred sites we visited and the ceremonies were so beautiful and transformational. Thank you Gillian for making this such a magical trip and for sharing your beautiful gifts with us. I'm so grateful for the experience! It was so special.


Alishia, Calgary Canada

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