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Welcome to a journey of a lifetime with Gillian. With a heart full of passion and dedication, I have led four Wyld Journeys with some beautiful sisters. Over the past 20 years, I've had the honour of hosting thousands of souls in my classes and Wyld Sister Circles. Your spiritual well-being and life are profoundly important to me. My intention is for you to have an experience that is sacred, safe, memorable, and life-changing.

I strive to offer authentic ancient wisdom in each place we journey to, creating a beautiful weaving of energies that fosters a true and loving connection with all of our sisters on this path. My goal is to touch the core of your being, crafting the most profound kind of experience.

This tour is designed for sisters who desire to deepen their connection with spirit, experience mystical energies, explore natural places of power, and connect with the ancient wisdom keepers of the land. Join me for a transformative adventure that will enrich your soul and create lasting memories.

I am connected by Spirit to a time when magick was a part of everyday life. A time when we remembered the connectedness of all things, a time when the land and animals were all sacred and we walked the Earth in harmony with these energies.  I feel a connection to the women who healed each other with potions, herbs, and energy through their Wyrrdings (spells). They were the witches and I am their sister, connected to all things magick.

Learned Wisdom

Herbal Practitioner - 100-Hour Herbalism Program

Soul Coaching®

Master Practitioner & Trainer

Initiated Priestess

Certified Past Life Coach

Feng Shui Zone Master

Certified Space Clearing Practitioner

Reiki Master & Teacher

Angel Therapy Practitioner®

Crystal Healer

Quantum Clairvoyant

Certified Advanced Dowsing Practitioner

Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Practitioner

Inner Wisdom
Flower Arrangement 4

Witch and Intuitive

Deep Inner 'Knowing'

Wyld Soul



Connection to my ancestors, creator, guides, guardians, mama earth & all her inhabitants.

"Witch is another word for Wise Woman."

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