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"I am connected by Spirit to a time when magick was a part of everyday life. A time when we remembered the connectedness of all things, a time when the land and animals were all sacred and we walked the Earth in harmony with these energies.  I feel a connection to the women who healed each other with potions, herbs, and energy through their Wyrrdings (spells). They were the witches and I am their sister, connected to all things magick.  My life's journey is to share what I have learned and know that has worked for myself, my husband, my three children and the world around me. I look forward to guiding you to your sacred self."

Blessed Be,


Gillian White

Flower Arrangement 4

Gillian's life revolves around family, marked by a resilient 25-year marriage and the joy of raising three wonderful children. Guided by her intuitive wisdom, she gracefully navigates the complexities of family life. With over two decades of experience as an Energy Practitioner and teacher, Gillian seamlessly weaves together acquired knowledge and inner wisdom gained from insightful teachers and life itself. Her mission is to aid others in connecting with their soul's truth, fostering lives filled with love, gratitude, authenticity, freedom, and magick.


Beyond her spiritual training role, Gillian is a skilled fibre artist, crafting enchanted beings. She hosts the "Weaving Soul Magick" podcast and is a teacher on the Insight Timer App. Her calling is to inspire others to deepen their spiritual connections, tap into mystical energies, explore the natural elements of power, and draw from ancient wisdom. Gillian draws upon a wealth of knowledge from her studies with gifted teachers and her innate abilities as a witch.


She offers insights into clients' inner worlds, helping them unravel the root causes of challenges—physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Her role extends to instructing and coaching individuals on their spiritual journey, guiding them toward a profound connection with their soul and establishing a spiritual practice for their continued growth.


Gillian has expertise in a variety of disciplines. She has successfully earned her Ecoversity Herbalism Certification and offers spiritual studies such as Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner & Trainer, Initiated Priestess, Certified Past Life Coach, Feng Shui Zone Master, Certified Space Clearing Practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Clutter Clearing Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Avesa Quantum Healer, Crystal Healer, Quantum Clairvoyant, Certified Advanced Dowsing Practitioner, and Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Practitioner.


My family is my biggest joy, love, guidepost, teachers and influencers in this life. 

Some of my Felted Creations

These Woodland Fae, Spirit Dolls, Ancestor Dolls  and Goddesses were lovingly handmade with a felting needle and un-spun wool. With the needle, I worked the wool over many hours of binding and shaping until each creation magically revealed themselves to me.

*I'm unable to take any orders at this time. 

Into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my gnome.

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