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Gillian is an initiated Priestess, International Soul Coaching® Trainer, Feng Shui Master, Energy Healer, a Midwife to Wisdom and a natural witch. She has an innate ability to unleash one’s own soul’s magick. It is Gillian’s journey to support one in remembering their heart song and to live a passion-filled, inspired, harmonious and joyful life. Come join Gillian in remembering your magickal self.


"I am connected by Spirit to a time when magick was a part of everyday life. A time when we remembered the connectedness of all things, a time when the land and animals were all sacred and we walked the Earth in harmony with these energies.  I feel a connection to the women who healed each other with potions, herbs, and energy through their Wyrrdings (spells). They were the witches and I am their sister, connected to all things magick.  My life's journey is to share what I have learned and know that has worked for myself, my husband, my three children and the world around me. I look forward to guiding you to your sacred self."


Blessed Be,


Gillian White

Flower Arrangement 4

My family is my biggest joy, love, guidepost, teachers and influencers in this life. 

Inner Wisdom
  • Witch

  • Midwife to Wisdom

  • Intuitive

  • Deep Inner 'Knowing'

  • Ritualist

  • Fibre Artist

  • Mothering

  • Connection to my ancestors, creator, guides, guardians, mama earth & all her inhabitants.

  • A beginner's mind.... my soul yearns to continue to grow, learn and expand.

Learned Wisdom
  • Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner & Trainer

  • Initiated Priestess

  • Certified Past Life Coach

  • Feng Shui Zone Master

  • Certified Space Clearing Practitioner

  • Reiki Master & Teacher

  • ​Certified Clutter Clearing Coach

  • Angel Therapy Practitioner​®

  • Avesa Quantum Healer

  • Crystal Healer

  • Quantum Clairvoyant

  • Certified Advanced Dowsing Practitioner

  • Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Practitioner

Some of my Felted Creations

These Woodland Fae Creations and Goddesses were lovingly handmade with a felting needle and un-spun wool. With the needle, I worked the wool over many hours of binding and shaping until each creation magically revealed themselves to me.

*I'm unable to take any orders at this time. 

Into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my gnome.

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