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Circle Guidelines

A Safe Space Is A Sacred Space
Guidelines for Coming to Circle
  • We begin promptly, so please arrive on time. We do not want to disrupt the circle once it begins.

  • Feel free to bring something to put on the group altar to be charged. (you will be bringing it home.)​

  • Come comfy.​​ We will be on the floor (meditation chairs), there are extra pillows and blankets for you.

Guidelines for Participating while Circle is in Progress
  • No side conversations, when in ritual. Save chit-chat for after the circle is complete.

  • Phones on airplane mode please.

  • Speak only for yourself - use “I” messages.

  • Share what is comfortable. Do not pressure others to share.

  • Feel free to pass.

  • Do not give advice.

  • Tell your own story.

  • Be open-minded and nonjudgmental. Meet others where they are at, not where you think they should be.

  • Wait until the person speaking has finished before you speak.

  • Keep personal stories confidential and close to your heart. What happens in circle stays in circle.

  • Please respect different ways of healing and all feelings are valid.

  • Come with an open hearted curiosity. I'm excited to share magick with you! 💛

As your Priestess I will speak up to protect this sacred space.

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