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Wyld Sister Tribe

Music: Lisa Thiel

Ready to connect with a community of women? Come gather in our circle and surround yourself with sisters that make you hungry for life. Feel the wonders of Sisterhood melt away your limiting beliefs and feel connected,

healed, heard and empowered.

This is a safe and sacred circle to nourish soul, repair your shattered faith and celebrate yourself with wild abandon. Activate your own power and

ignite the magick in your life.

A space where we create magic, connect with the divine feminine, a space where we share and listen to women's wisdom, share laughter, songs, honour our unique cycles, a place for us to come alive..... who knows where it will lead?

Come and honour you.

As sisters, we are one another's truth-tellers. We are one another's loving and honest mirrors. We advise, even when we are not queried. And we let go so that each may fly on her own wings. Our sisters are our bonds with the deepest mysteries. As sisters, we are the ones who bleed, we are the ones who birth, we are the ones who nourish, we are the ones who weave the web, and we are the ones who cut the cord. As women, as sisters, as priestesses, we stand at the doorways of life and death, bonded by the cycles of our bodies and our lives.

~ Anne Key, Desert Priestess

Come gather and walk with me in our private Facebook Group.

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Foothills, Alberta


(just south of Calgary, Alberta)


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