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Wyld Sister Tribe

“The Priestess teaches us that when we feather our own nests with all that is in alignment with our heart, our bliss and our joy, the life that emerges gives rise to our medicine.”

–C. Ara Campbell

Music: Lisa Thiel

Come gather in a circle and feel the wonders of Sisterhood. Women throughout time and across the world have lived by ceremonies as a way to honour, celebrate, mourn, and process. These circles are a sacred space where you find your powerful voice, release limiting beliefs, feel connected, healed, heard and inspired. By gathering in ritual, we reconnect to the rhythms of nature, both around us and within us. This gives us the strength to be our full magickal, authentic selves.

This is a sacred space where we create magick, connect with the divine feminine, a circle where we share or listen to women's wisdom, honour ancient traditions and ritual, share laughter, songs, honour our unique cycles, a place for us to come alive..... this is a soul place where you ignite your inner wyld woman!​

Gillian has gathered women in ceremonies for many moons and has facilitated over 100 Wyld Sister Circles. Gillian is a natural witch, rooted in Celtic, African and Native American Folk Magick. She's an initiated Priestess, International Soul Coaching® Trainer, Feng Shui Master, Energy Healer, and a Midwife to Wisdom. She has an innate ability to unleash one’s own soul’s magick. It is Gillian’s journey to support one in remembering their heart song and to live a passion-filled, inspired, harmonious and joyful life. Come join Gillian in remembering your magickal self.


"As a Priestess, I feel the hunger for ceremony, poetic meaning, and collective connection. This work is especially essential in today’s world, to guide people to reconnect with each other, the ebb and flow of the season, our mother earth and ourselves. Community, magick, ritual feed our souls!"


Blessed Be,


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