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Welcome Water


Water is a receptive, slower element, but it is no less powerful than any other. Over time, running water can carve out even the hardiest of rocks. It is a feminine element and its direction is West. It is malleable, and takes the shape of whatever contains it. Water can wash away or remove energy, as in a flowing stream, or it can amplify energy and take it deeper, such as in a deep well or still lake. Water is the element representing the “sea of consciousness” and it is the source of the beginning of all life. It is represented by the moon, which affects the tides of the ocean – it is the ebb and flow.

Water is the element of intuition, sleep, dreams, and love. It represents “the all” – if you can picture your consciousness as a wave on the ocean, that is never separated from its source but can still be discerned and operate as its own agent, you get an idea of the nature of water as the source of psychic awareness. It is a vast well of power and intuition. Water connects us all at a source level of consciousness – we are mostly made of water.

Water is representative of a mothering energy. It is nurturing and feeling. We all lived inside our mothers in an environment of water in her womb. Water is a healing element – spa treatments often involve water (hydrotherapy) and we always feel better after a bath. Many people say they feel better when they are close to a body of water, as it has a replenishing energy. It’s no wonder people want to live on lake-shores and ocean fronts, and vacation on the beach.

People who have a lot of water energy are very feeling and emotional souls. Water is more concerned with how things feel, rather than what they are. Others can see them as “spacey” or dreamy. Water people always worry about the feelings of other people. They often pursue careers in the arts, music and healing. They are excellent at non-verbal communication. Water people are often intuitive and empathic – they go with their “gut feelings.” Their empathy can sometimes backfire, and they can become overwhelmed by the energy of other people.

Those who have too much of the element of water can “drown” people in their love and end up smothering them or being too possessive and jealous, such as the overbearing mother archetype. They can rely too much on their hunches, and be very impractical. Watery people need to guard against having their heart always rule over their head, as they need to be more objective and learn to evaluate things more impersonally.

There are many ways to connect with the magick of water. Healing baths, sprays and mists can be made from essential oils and herbs dispersed in water. Magick using mirrors or magnets, as well as moon ceremonies are also great ways to get in touch with the essence of water. Have some fun this week noticing and, more importantly, feeling the power of water!

Calling The Spirit of Water

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