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Gathering Via Zoom

Thursday, October 28

(sorry, I had the wrong date in the newsletter)

7:00pm - 8:30pm MST

The gathering will be recorded and available to watch for 7 days afterwards.

Come gather in a circle and connect with ancient witchery rites, honouring Samhain, the Witches New Year.


 In our time together, we will contemplate this endless cycle of life, death, and eventual rebirth. The veil is thin, time of magick, time when spirits are closer and more accessible to us. This is why we celebrate our ancestors and loved ones that have passed at Samhain. This is an opportune time to seek guidance and wisdom of those that have come before us. We will be sharing sacred space and ritual (spell) work.

All from the comfort of your own home!


Tools to have on hand:​

  • Set up a wee Samhain altar for yourself

  • Your favourite Oracle or Tarot Cards (paper and pen to journal)

  • Smudging herb or incense (sage, palo santo, cedar, sweetgrass)

  • Black tapered Candle or any candle you might have on hand

  • Rosemary Essential Oil if you have it on hand or rosemary stick

  • Favourite Drink

We are going to create a Banishing Poppet!

  • This is what you will need:

    • Stitch a black poppet (Pattern) - a small human shape dolly out of black fabric. Leave an opening to fill the poppet.

    • Dry leaves

    • Paper and pen

    • Banishing Herbs (i.e. nettle, black pepper, red peppers, clove, garlic, onion)

*you don't have to have any of these on hand to participate - this video will be recorded and available for seven days, so you can go back and do the ritual in your own time.

Fee: $10

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