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Terra Wyrrd Healing

Another beautiful day for a Terra Wyrrd

TERRA WYRRD is an Earth based spiritual path.  Terra means Earth, and Wyrrd refers to magick, or spells (wyrrdings) as a means of manifesting from the non-physical world to the physical.  Therefore, a Terra Wyrrd Healing is a facilitation of healing within a person by setting an intention and then bringing about conditions to create healing within themselves using a variety of senses and practices.  Terra Wyrrd is an eclectic practice that draws from many disciplines and is not dogmatically attached to any one tradition.  We use many different modalities of healing, including sound, aromatherapy and smudging, energy work, physical touch and pressure point work, ritual, crystals, and pendulums.  Terra Wyrrd, because it has an earth-based Goddess energy, is a “thicker” and more intense healing session than other well-known energy treatments such as Reiki.  We invoke the spirit of Terra Wyrrd to help our clients heal themselves.  It is a powerful healing facilitation session.


 As Terra Wyrrd Healers, we feel a connection to those women in the past who would have been called witches.  These ancient wise women knew about healing with energy, herbs, crystals, and folk magick, and used their intuition and intention to help others.  Like these women, we understand that healing can occur on many different levels of the person; physically, spiritually and emotionally.  For this reason, we use a variety of modalities and senses to stimulate healing in an intentional way with a client, and we do not dictate how or at what level the healing occurs.

The role of a Terra Wyrrd Healer is to help your clients clear blockages to bring their heart’s intention and desire to life, whether that is to feel more love for themselves or others, rid themselves of something unwanted, or bring something into their lives that they feel is lacking.  We help these clients by focusing their intention and then creating a healing experience that will help them manifest what it is they want.  It is the active participation of your client along with invoking a powerful Goddess energy that co-creates the magick.  We re-connect people to the Divine Feminine Energy of the Goddess through a ritualized treatment protocol.

Therefore, a Terra Wyrrd Healing is an active treatment, something to participate in, not something to have done to you.  We do not claim to heal people or conditions.  We facilitate people healing themselves.

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Terra Wyrrd Practitioner


Honour Your Path

Trust Your Guidance

Surrender the Outcome

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