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Terra Wyrrd Healing


Learn the Terra Wyrrd Healing modality to use on your family, friends and clients. Other healing modalities can be easily incorporated with Terra Wyrrd Healing. This course is designed for those interested in energy work based on the wisdom of our ancient ancestors and your own innate witch abilities. 

This certification course is 15 hours of instruction over a weekend to learn the full protocol of a Terra Wyrrd Witch Healing.  This modality can be used in conjunction with other body or energy work, or as a stand-alone treatment.  Previous healing experience is not required.

You Will Learn

Basic energy work principles​

Client interaction and care – “tuning in” to someone​

Ritual and Setting up sacred space​

Breath-work for Healing​

Hands-on healing work​

Clearing and cord-cutting​

Chakra Balancing​

Basic Crystal work and Sound Healing​

Oils and sprays for healing​​

A certificate will be issued to you at the completion of the course

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