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What Are The Elements?


The elements are the building blocks of magick. We call on and invoke the elements, which are the foundations of all of creation. If you want to send energy out into the world, you need to have a personal relationship with the components that make up everything in the universe. This course builds those foundations.

Why Connect with Elements?



When you connect with the elements, you connect with the ancestry of the Earth, and that is no small amount of power to draw from. You also honour the Earth with this connection, feeding her energy in a time when so many are taking without gratitude. The elements lend you power, while helping you feel your place in the cosmos. To connect with the elements is to connect with the building blocks of life. Understanding the essence of these 5 elements will only help balance your life and create greater harmony in the relationship between you and the universe. We should strive to achieve an equal balanced proportion of each energy within ourselves, and when we build that strong connection with each element, we can manage whatever life throws at us with much more ease and confidence.
This course will help you connect with the elements and figure out which element you may be lacking and how to integrate them into your conscious life. Let the elements of nature bring you into closer contact with your True Self. As you grow on each of these levels, you will experience greater and greater joy.

Who Is This For?


This is for people who are new to magickal practice or for witches who are looking for ways to connect more deeply with the elements and their craft. Working with the Five Elements is the foundation of Witchery.


Our Journey

August 16th - September 13

Registration opens July 5th
Your participation in this program is from the comfort of your own home and for you to journey with the elements when it suits you, either on the weekend, a little every day or during a lunch hour! There will be lots of opportunities for you to connect with the natural world.
As a group, we will journey together exploring the elements once a week. Giving us time to sink into the energies, the wisdom and the magick.
You will receive your very own personal Elements of a Witch Book and a few magickal surprises via snail mail.
Why am I sending you the hard copy of the teachings? I find it's more powerful to have a physical copy to hold in your hands, it further anchors the magick into your being.
All the lessons will also be available for you in your classroom. Including all our Zoom videos, bonus activities, videos and meditations. You will have access to a Private Facebook group to connect with the other witches taking this journey with you. It will be a space for us to share our stories and experiences with each other. There is power in sharing.
We will be gathering for 5 LIVE ZOOM meetings, to gather as a group and answer any questions and offer further magickal teachings and insights. All videos will be recorded for your convenience and added to your classroom here.
Zoom calls will be 60 minutes in duration and will be recorded (the link to the recording will be posted in your classroom here). All live Zoom gatherings will take place at 7:00 pm MST on the following dates:
  • Monday, August 16 - Welcome Ceremony
  • Monday, August 23 - Q&A and Magickal Teachings
  • Monday, August 30 - Q&A and Magickal Teachings
  • Monday, September 6 - Q&A and Magickal Teachings
  • Monday, September 20 - Closing Ceremony
When you embark on this sacred path, you will awaken your inner witches’ wisdom. This is a connection to deep-rooted and ancient knowledge. It is the path of integration of the five elements. This is your opportunity to build a meaningful connection to the natural world around you.

Example Curriculum



  • Why do we need to learn about the elements in order to do magick?

  • Ritual of walking with the Elements

Altar Creation

  • Intro Video to your Altar Creations


  • Blessed AIR!

  • AIR Correspondence

  • AIR Altar Creation

  • AIR Meditation

  • AIR Oracle Card Spread

  • ✨ BONUS - Clear Your House

  • Invoke AIR Through Music & Dance

  • Cloud Scrying

  • Using Power Of Air To Raise Energy

  • AIR Spell


  • Blessed FIRE!

  • FIRE Correspondence

  • FIRE Altar Creation

  • FIRE Meditation

  • FIRE Oracle Card Spread

  • ✨ BONUS - Healing Candle Spell

  • Light that FIRE!

  • Charge Up Your Inner Fire

  • Candle Magick & Divination

  • FIRE Spell


  • Blessed Water!

  • WATER Correspondence

  • WATER Altar Creation

  • WATER Meditation

  • WATER Oracle Card Spread

  • BONUS ✨ - Magickal Brews

  • Ritual Bath

  • Dream Weaving

  • Down To The Water You Go

  • WATER Spell


  • Blessed Water!

  • WATER Correspondence

  • WATER Altar Creation

  • WATER Meditation

  • WATER Oracle Card Spread

  • BONUS ✨ - Magickal Brews

  • Ritual Bath

  • Dream Weaving

  • Down To The Water You Go

  • WATER Spell


  • Blessed Earth!

  • Earth Correspondence

  • EARTH Altar Creation

  • EARTH Meditation

  • EARTH Oracle Card Reading

  • BONUS ✨

  • Experience Earth

  • Earthly Comforts - Get your brooms out!

  • Commune With The Trees

  • EARTH Spell


  • Blessed Spirit!

  • SPIRIT Correspondence

  • SPIRIT Altar Creation

  • SPIRIT Meditation

  • SPIRIT Oracle Card Reading

  • Letter To Your Ancestors

  • Graveyard Visit

  • Automatic Writing

  • SPIRIT Spell

Our Circle Is Open

  • ✨ Bonus - Everyday Magick!

  • ✨ Bonus - Conjure Abundance!

Registration will be opened July. Stay tuned for more info.
Bright blessings to you! ✨

* Kindly understand that since I will be mailing out materials, all payments are non-refundable.