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  • 4 white candles or as many as you choose

  • Picture or an item that represents our beautiful planet Mother Earth

  • Favorite Healing Crystal – Green for healing (green opal, green calcite, green fluorite, fuschite, prehnite) or ruby, red jasper, rose quartz, garnet, rhodochrosite.

  • Healing music – this one is powerful Devi Prayer

  • Favorite incense

  • Soul Items for your altar

  • Bowl of water to create a portal to our ancestors

First things first, ground yourself (you may want to smudge) and set your intentions for our beautiful planet and ALL of her inhabitants under the sun. Visualize an earth of balance, acceptance, compassion, healing, abundance, love and equality. Visualize it. Feel it.

Gather various items that invoke, love, peace, and healing… have fun searching your house or your yard. Use items such as smudging tools, crystals, sticks, stones, flowers, feathers or whatever calls to your soul.

Turn on your healing music (put on repeat), open your windows, light your incense and allow it to fill your space and drift off into the ethers….

Now start building your sacred space (altar) dedicated to your healing ritual. Build a strong and powerful foundation of love. Do this with the greatest and highest of intentions.

Set up your four candles (representing the four directions) on your sacred altar in a circle and place the picture or item of our mother earth in the center of the candles. Place your Quartz (if you have one) on top of your picture or in front of your item. Add your bowl of water, light your candles and call on your ancestors for their guidance and wisdom.

💜Now it is time….

Stand or sit in front of your sacred space and take deep and full breaths and once you feel fully present, it is time to weave our love into our planet.

I invite you to place one hand on your heart center and one hand on your womb space (fire center). Hum…. Hum until you are filled with vibrant loving energy. Now when you feel ready push that energy out through your hands toward your items on your altar that represents the Earth. 🙌🏽 Direct this healing and loving energy through the crystal towards our planet. The crystal will enhance the energy. Visualize the candles forming a protective ring of fire around our planet, banishing pain, suffering, intolerance, ignorance AND coating her with light, love, vitality, awakening, compassion….

When you feel you are complete, you may rest your hands in front of you and recite this from Helen Weaver or your own prayers:

“Almighty creator, who are mother and father to us all,

Look upon your planet Earth divided:

Help us to know that we are all your children;

That all nations belong to one great family,

And all of your religions lead to you.

Multiply our prayers in every land

Until the whole Earth becomes your congregation,

United in your love.

Sustain our vision of peaceful future

And give us strength to work unceasingly

To make that vision real.”

Blessed Be (Amen)

You may sit with this energy as long as you are called to. 🎶 You may want to turn up some Joyful/Soulful music and dance around your sacred space filling it with optimism, joy, freedom. Here is one I love - Yeha-Noha (Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity)

And when you feel complete, thank your ancestors and bid them farewell. You can leave your candles and let them burn out in a safe manner or snuff them out. Remember to ground yourself… eat a piece of bread or food will help. Drink lots of water. 🍞

Thank you for your divine light and love.

Blessed Be 💜


Download PDF • 126KB

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