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March 15 - 17, 2024

Sold Out!Wait List Only

Image by Sierra Koder

Welcome to our Sacred Connections Weekend Retreat, a transformative weekend immersed in mysticism, where we will explore the sacred realms of witchcraft and mediumship. This enchanting experience, brimming with connections to ancestral spirits and spiritual guides, will include rituals, teachings, practice, wyld sisterly fun and so much more. Engage in spell work, delve into psychic practices and unlock the secrets of the mystical arts.

As Above, So Below;
As Within, So Without


Tammy is a wife and mother, who just happens to talk to spirits. She has been with her husband for over 26 years, and together they have three sons. She lives intuitively and will often be seen renovating or refreshing her home to reflect that. Highly sensitive to her surroundings, a home where she and her family are safe and comforted, is her priority. She follows her own guidance, knowing that it is possible to live from the vantage point of spirit, while being grounded in this earth. 

 Tammy was very intuitive and psychic as a child, and she began seeing spirits, in what she calls “3D,” over 25 years ago, which then led her to start her own home based business, “Feathers and Smudge.” Having been thrown into the deep end of mediumship, without any training, her first intentional connection to spirit was with a woman who had been murdered. From there, she began connecting to spirits who met their deaths in difficult situations. In the earlier years, Tammy thought she would work for Missing Persons, or help solve criminal cases, but now she prefers to teach mediumship, while offering channeled messages from the group she calls “Unity.” Her work with animals began through animal mediumship, and then continued to where it is today. She is often asked for help with missing animals, due to her ability to discern if an animal is alive or has passed away. She has many working horses as clients, and is most content chatting with animals, both here and in the spirit world. 

Tammy also connects to Beings from other times and places, works with her main guide Tan regularly, as well as her dragon Ella. She is a writer and has published two of her own books and is always working on another. Tammy also enjoys interior design, decorating, gardening and anything witchy. 

After many years of solo work, she has become passionate about teaching others, bringing messages from spirits, to guide others to live from intuition, faith and curiosity. Tammy offers a blend of earthly and high vibrational messages, bridging the mystical with the mundane.

Tammy has completed the inaugural offering of Oracle Card Personal Mastery/Colette Baron Reid, is part of the alumni/membership with Spirit Talker Tribe-Shawn Leonard, a former member of Miraculous Mediumship, a group based in Scotland with HayHouse author Lauren Robertson, and former certified facilitator/teacher for medium, Carmel Joy Baird of  Mom’s A Medium, and has professional experience as an interior designer/decorator.


Gillian's life revolves around family, marked by a resilient 25-year marriage and the joy of raising three wonderful children. Guided by her intuitive wisdom, she gracefully navigates the complexities of family life. With over two decades of experience as an Energy Practitioner and teacher, Gillian seamlessly weaves together acquired knowledge and inner wisdom gained from insightful teachers and life itself. Her mission is to aid others in connecting with their soul's truth, fostering lives filled with love, gratitude, authenticity, freedom, and magick.


Beyond her spiritual training role, Gillian is a skilled fibre artist, crafting enchanted beings. She hosts the "Weaving Soul Magick" podcast and is a teacher on the Insight Timer App. Her calling is to inspire others to deepen their spiritual connections, tap into mystical energies, explore the natural elements of power, and draw from ancient wisdom. Gillian draws upon a wealth of knowledge from her studies with gifted teachers and her innate abilities as a witch.


She offers insights into clients' inner worlds, helping them unravel the root causes of challenges—physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Her role extends to instructing and coaching individuals on their spiritual journey, guiding them toward a profound connection with their soul and establishing a spiritual practice for their continued growth.


Gillian's expertise spans a variety of disciplines, offering spiritual studies such as Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner & Trainer, Initiated Priestess, Certified Past Life Coach, Feng Shui Zone Master, Certified Space Clearing Practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Clutter Clearing Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Avesa Quantum Healer, Crystal Healer, Quantum Clairvoyant, Certified Advanced Dowsing Practitioner, and Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Practitioner.


As you can imagine, with two experienced and knowledgeable souls as Gillian and Tammy, this weekend will be extraordinary. Combined, they have over 40 years of practice, decades of professional experience and can cover a wealth of topics from A-Z or Animals-Zodiac.


But first, allow us to introduce ourselves:

Anatomy of Spirit

Sacred Connections Retreat

Maiden | Mother | Crone

Here's an enhanced overview of the transformative topics we'll explore:


Friday, March 15, 6:30pm - 10:00pm: Opening the Gateway

  • Intuition Attunement Ceremony: Begin the retreat by honing your intuitive abilities through a special attunement ceremony. Connect with your inner wisdom and heighten your spiritual senses.

  • Protection Magick:  During our time together, you'll explore the art of safeguarding yourself through magickal protection, especially against spiritual entities and energy vampires.

  • DreamTime: Explore the mystical world of dreams by incorporating herbs and journaling into your practice. Learn to decipher the messages from the dream realm and tap into its wisdom.

  • Bonfire Ghost Telling: Gather around the bonfire as we delve into the time-honoured tradition of ghost-telling. Learn techniques to connect with spirits, interpret their messages, and create a sacred space for communication. Share your ghostly encounters and enhance your understanding of the spirit realm.


Saturday, March 16, 8:30am - 10:00pm: Journeying Through Realms


  • Healing the Witch Wound: The Witch Wound is trauma passed down through our ancestral roots and past lives that manifests as a fear of being seen, speaking one's truth and stepping into your full magick and power.Engage in a healing ritual session focused on addressing the Witch Wound. This journey will awaken that empowered, wise mystic that lives within you. 


  • Ancestral/Past Life Journey: Embark on a profound journey to connect with your ancestors and explore past lives. Gain insights and wisdom from the experiences that shape your spiritual path.


  • Herbology Magick: Explore the ancient art of herbalism and its magickal connections with witchcraft. We will craft a personalized potion that amplifies your healing abilities and taps into the mystical potential of herbs. 


  • Calling on All Spirit Guides: Delve into the diverse realms of spirit guides, including aliens, animals, angels, and ancestors. Learn how to connect with them and discern their unique energies.


  • Channeling Magick: Explore the art of channeling and amplify your magickal abilities. Learn techniques to channel energy and wisdom from higher sources.


  • How to Manifest: Unleash the power of manifestation by understanding the principles and practices involved. Align your intentions with the universe to manifest your desires.


  • Energy Fields: Gain insights into the intricacies of energy fields and how they influence your spiritual journey. Learn techniques to balance and strengthen your energy.


  • Scrying and Psychometry: Enhance your divination skills with scrying and psychometry. Explore the art of seeing through reflective surfaces and tapping into the energy of objects.


  • Bonfire Night Magick: Harness the energies of the night to amplify your magickal workings. We’ll howl at the moon, dance under the stars and unleash our wyld selves!


Sunday, March 17, 8:30 am - 11:00 am: Mastering the Mystical Arts 

  • Learn & Grow - A Cyclical Journey: Foster a continuous connection with the spiritual realm. 


  • Infusing Positive Energy into Your Personal and Professional Journey: Learn to weave mysticism into both your personal and professional realms intricately. Discover empowering methods to infuse positive energy, mysticism and purposeful intention into every aspect of your business and life. 


  • Closing Ceremony: As all good things must come to and end, we will conclude our time in the same way we began, in spirit and sisterly connection. 

Image by Tikkho Maciel


  • Full Weekend with Lodging: $660

  • Retreat Only (heading home in the evening): $460 (only 6 available)

    • Registration remains the same, except $200 is due by February 15, 2024.


  • A deposit of $260 secures your space.

  • The remaining payment of $400 is due by February 15, 2024.

  • Payment plans are available.

  • E-transfer to Tammy at, or request an invoice for credit card payment.


  • Cancellation on or before February 15, 2024, you will receive a full refund of any monies you have paid.

  • Cancellation after February 15, 2024, there will be no refunds issued unless you are able to find someone to take your place.



Dear Anatomy of Intuition Graduates, this is not a continuation of the Maiden/Mother certification. Instead, it is a separate slumber party retreat and no prerequisites are required. We will be sending out a note in the New Year regarding the continuation of our Anatomy of Intuition Certification.


This weekend is an investment in yourself, a profoundly magickal and soul-enriching experience filled with opportunities for deep self-discovery.



  • All teachings

  • Supplies

  • Lodging: shared beds/rooms

  • Meals (gluten free, and vegetarian options)

    • Saturday & Sunday Breakfast

    • Saturday Lunch & Dinner

    • Friday, Saturday Snacks

    • Each cabin has its own kitchen, so please feel free to bring any nurturing food that will make you feel cared for and grounded (i.e. coffee, tea, special snack).

Sold Out!Wait List Only


Folk Tree Lodge

Nestled in a private forested setting, the Folk Tree Lodge offers beautiful artisan-crafted cabins and natural beauty. Located just 5 minutes from the eclectic shopping and dining of Bragg Creek, our 30 acres of paradise will make for a truly magickal stay!



  • This is going to be like a true Slumber Party - some beds will be shared - pillows make wonderful barriers! Earplugs will be provided for those seeking a more introspective experience. ;-)

  • Tammy and Gillian will assign rooms on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have a preferred roommate, please let us know. Final room assignments will be shared two weeks before our weekend together in our email reminder.

  • Tammy and Gillian are pleased to offer you the option of attending the weekend retreat without staying overnight. This is only if you live close, or prefer to go home at night and return in the morning. There is a $200 discount for day attendance. This is completely voluntary as we will have space for everyone up to the bed limits.


When inviting spirits in and weaving spells, it is best to practice abstinence from alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant afterall, and we will want to be holding our vibrations high, raising spirits of another sort.


  • Your first Sacred ingredient is YOU! In the end, you have all the power within to create the change you desire.

  • Cozy blanket or shawl

  • Dress for the weather - we will be playing outdoors

  • One Magickal Outfit for our Night Magick Party

  • Your favourite oracle cards or tarot deck

  • Any special crystals, talismans, you’d like to have on hand

  • Slippers

Image by Dominic Sansotta

 This will be the most extraordinary weekend retreat, where the mystical arts come to life and the journey within unfolds. It will be a journey that combines the sisterhood of bonding with a group of like-minded women, where we will partake in the playful dance of energy, heartfelt ceremonies to honour spirit, the land and each other, and some good wyld fun!


Space is limited! Reserve your spot before it’s gone!

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