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Meet Gillian

Gillian is an initiated Priestess, International Soul Coaching® Trainer, Feng Shui Master, Energy Healer, a Midwife to Wisdom and a natural witch. She has an innate ability to unleash one’s own soul’s magick. It is Gillian’s journey to support one in remembering their heart song and to live a passion-filled, inspired, harmonious and joyful life. Come join Gillian in remembering your magickal self.


Weaving Soul Magick

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Kind Words

"Gillian is one of the very few individuals worldwide that I have personally chosen to carry the Soul Coaching® legacy into the future through training and certifying professional Soul Coaches. She is an extraordinary Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Certified Soul Coaching® Trainer. She's attained the highest level of Soul Coaching® training and is one of the select group of individuals I have personally trained in my special method of coaching. She creates safe, nurturing environments for discovering the soul's truth and those who attend her events experience remarkable transformations in their lives."

Denise Linn, Founder
International Institute of Soul Coaching®

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