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Welcome Fire


FIRE is a “fast,” bold, charged element. Fire is a projective, masculine element, and its direction is south. It is both destructive and creative, and so can bring about beginnings and endings. It is the driving force of transformation and lives within all of us as passionate energy – our spark, or life force. It is the inherent energy behind sports, battle (or fighting for something,) sex, anger, protectiveness, and animal instinct (animals.)

People with “fiery” constitutions are usually movers and shakers in the world. They stir things up and instigate change - they are people of action, and believe in and fight for worthy causes. They often thrive on being in the spotlight and have lots of friends. They are usually honest, but also exciting and sexual beings. Fire people are creative, energetic and passionate. If someone has too much fire energy they can be self-absorbed, impulsive and even obsessive.

Fire is a purifying element. It is the element we call on when we want to banish negativity, as most of these rituals involve burning something.

When you call on fire, you can be sure things are about to change in your life.

Fire is the element that governs our sense of sight, and subsequently colour. All colour and candle magick involves the element of fire. We use different colours to represent different energies when doing ceremonies or rituals. Here is a quick list of the rainbow of colours and their corresponding energies:

Pink: Gentle love, friendship, relaxation, compassion, children’s energy


Red: Romantic love, passion, protection, maintaining health, “The Mother,” the element of fire


Orange: Harvest (or reaping benefits,) energy, communication, change, attraction


Yellow: Knowledge and intellect, creativity, ideas & inspiration, discovery, the element of air


Green: Prosperity and employment, healing, fertility, stability, nature, the element of earth


Blue: Emotional healing, peace, patience, harmonious relationships, the element of water


Purple: Royalty, magickal power, psychic influence, healing serious diseases


Brown: Home and hearth, pets, earthy pursuits such as gardening, cultivation


Black: Removing negativity, absorption, hex breaking, banishing, binding or stopping something


White: The Moon, peace, spirituality, “The Maiden” – white can be used as an all-purpose colour (blank slate)


Silver: Dreams, intuition, Moon magick, the empathic side of the Goddess


Gold: Wealth, Fame, Sun magick, success, the prosperous side of the God


Candle magick is one of the easiest ways to connect with the element of fire, and candles can be found in so many shapes, sizes and colours they are easy to use for a wide variety of magickal purposes. They absorb personal power, and when burned, release their energy over a period of time, for a sustained influence. For example, you could charge a green candle with prosperous energy, and then light it for periods of time over several days to keep the energy of your intention to create abundance going.

It is suggested by many practitioners that you do not blow out candles, as it is disrespectful to the element of fire, or can “blow away” or disperse some of the magick from the candle. It is a good idea to snuff out the candles to preserve the magick within the candle when you are doing spells to build energy. You can blow candles out for spells that are meant to banish or disperse something unwanted. Do whichever practice feels right for the work you are doing. Of course, always use candles in a safe, responsible manner, and if you are going to leave one burning unattended, it is best to burn it in a sink or bathtub where it can be contained.

Enjoy getting in touch with the element of fire in its many forms and manifestations – get ready to be fired up!

Calling The Spirit of Fire

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