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Fire Assignments


Fire Layout - Oracle Cards.png

This spread was created for you, to help further connect you to the spirit of Fire. Use this spread anytime you feel called to dive deeper. 


First Thing First - Connect with your cards

  • Centre yourself (ground and connect)

  • Knock on your cards 3 times

  • Fill your cards with love. (rub hands together, take cards in your hands and hold close to your heart and fill with love)

  • State your intention or question very clearly. Say out loud or in your mind.

  • Shuffle the cards and ask Spirit of Fire to come forward to bring accurate information.

  • When you have the 'feeling' stop, cut your cards in half and take the card from the top. Or you can spread the cards out and allow your hands to hover above the cards, you may feel heat or cold or a sticky feeling over the 'chosen' card.

  • Also pay attention to any cards that “jump” out during the shuffling or whenever cards are stuck together. (this is a signal that the energy of that card wants to be acknowledged).

  • Can also use a pendulum.

  • When you turn the card over, be aware of the first feeling, image, word, or insight that comes up for you. Just allow the information to flow. Trust your intuition, your gut, as this is usually the truest. You may read the meaning in the booklet for more insight.


One Card Reading:


You may just feel called to do a one card reading as well. This is the simplest way to use your oracle cards. Pulling a card to guide you every day can be an inspirational manner in which to connect with Fire. You can address a concern or answer a problem by drawing one card. You can follow the same directions as above.

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