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Soul Alignment Retreat


Saturday May 28th 10am to 4pm

Location: Spiritwood Retreat, Priddis Alberta

Our Day Together ...

Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO

Cacao Ceremony

Ceremonial Cacao is chocolate in its pure unrefined form, powerful yet gentle medicine to help you on your journey to well-being. Your Cacao will be prepared in the traditional ceremonial way using Ecuadorian Cacao from indigenous tribe’s land. This Cacao is allergen-free and vegan. Cacao is a beautiful subtle plant medicine and superfood, which will relax the mind while gently energizing the system ready for the duration of our day together. It is a known Heart Chakra opener and will help stimulate your individual activation. Mama Cacao is a beautiful teacher and here to guide us to find balance and harmony.

While Cacao is most definitely stimulating, it's not considered a psychedelic or a drug-induced ritual. Its effects are mild, even in the higher doses that you might drink in a ceremony.

Benefits of Mama Cacao

  🤎 Heart-opening

  🤎 Mood-boosting

  🤎 Helps you focus

  🤎 Can be very sensual

  🤎 Good for your health 


* If you are on anti-depressants, you will want to consult your doctor to see if Cacao is for you. 

Soulful Activation Meditation

You will be lovingly guided through a Soulful Meditation that will take you on a journey through the layers of yourself.


Releasing Ritual

Shake those fears away, we are going deep, healing releasing. 


Soulful Movement

Move with your soul


Core Values

Get to know yourself deeper and empower your Spirit with your Core Values.


It's a day diving inside of ourselves, unleashing our raw inner energy and awakening and balancing our heart and soul. It's a day of self-care and self-exploration.

Bonus Teaching! 

Charm Casting

Learn the ancient divination technique of casting charms (a.k.a, throwing bones). This form of divination can be found in numerous cultures worldwide, where one uses bones, stones, coins, shells, and other trinkets for insight and answers.


You will learn the history of this ancient practice; you will connect with your ancestors and the spirits of your charms. You will receive guidance to develop meanings for your charm set and interpret throws for yourself.


You will be a sacred day, where you will experience deep healing, ceremonial experience of rest, reflection, connection, and explore the wisdom that resides within you.


Who Is This For?


All are welcome, no matter your beliefs,

gender, race, sexuality, this space is for everyone!

Blessed Be

Soul Investment


Price includes sacred mama cacao, charm casting starter kit,

sacred teachings, tea, coffee, water, and snacks.

*please bring a light lunch for yourself.

Location: Spiritwood Retreat, Priddis Alberta

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