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Welcome Earth

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The Earth is our Mother; it is our home.  Earth is a feminine, receptive element.  It is the element of home and hearth, and of comfort.  It is the densest of all the elements and gives us the energy of stability, grounding and consistency.  Our planet is a manifestation of the element of earth, but earth energy exists within us and the whole universe.

The element of earth is inherent in anything that has to do with survival.  Cooking, eating, shelter, protection, warmth, money.  These are the comforts of physical life.  It is no wonder that the sense associated with earth is touch.

Think of the powerful and comforting feeling of “coming home.”  This is the energy of the element of earth.  Earth energy keeps us present – in the “here and now” state.  Your physical body is a manifestation of this element.

People who have a lot of earth energy feel very “real” and solid – they are described as “down to earth.” One of the best examples of earth energy can be found in the fictional characters of Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings story.  They live in underground houses, are always cooking and gardening, drinking and eating, and have an intense love for all plants, and family.  They are the true embodiment of an earthy person.

Earthy people are usually practical and realistic.  They focus on what they can do for themselves and what they can experience.  They like to work with their hands, and pursue activities like massage, crafting, knitting, and cooking. They are often “home-bodies” who create a welcoming, comfortable homes.  They are the folks who like to give hugs, and they usually love to laugh. 


Earthy people are not shy about enjoying their sexuality and other “earthly pursuits.”  They like pleasure and they don’t feel bad about it!


The more dysfunctional side of a person with a lot of earth energy can be stubbornness, lack of imagination or resistance to change of any kind.  They can tend towards round bodies, not because they are lazy, but because strenuous exercise is more of the element of fire, and earthy people would rather take a leisurely stroll through the forest than work out in a gym.


All magick involving stones and crystal are earth magick.  Here is a quick list of some stones and their associations:


Agate– strength, and bravery

Amethyst – peace, happiness, power and master healer

Aventurine – good luck and prosperity

Bloodstone – healing

Hematite – grounding and stability

Labradorite – magic and protection

Malachite – fast cash, health, warning of danger (if it breaks unexpectedly)

Moonstone – women’s health, intuition, safe travel

Obsidian – protection, deflects negativity

Quartz crystal – directs or boosts energy, amplifies a spell or other stone

Rose Quartz – comfort, affection, friendship, happiness

Tiger’s Eye – protection and success

Turquoise – good fortune and protection (especially emotional and physical health)


Earth magick also can involve the use of plants, soil, and minerals.


Have fun exploring ways to interact with the element of Earth!

Calling The Spirit of Earth

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