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Welcome Air


AIR is a “fast” element.  It is invisible, but extremely powerful.  It can be as unpredictable as the winds…. It is within us all and connects us all – we all breathe air.  Air is the element of beginnings…we begin life on this planet with our first breath, our first inspiration.  Air is the direction of the East:  the sun rises in the east (light, enlightenment) and so the day begins in the east.

Air is the power of movement – it embodies memory, ideas, wisdom, learning and inspiration. The power of air is fresh and intelligent.  Air governs the senses of hearing and smell.  It is considered a masculine element, in that it is projective in nature, rather than receptive.

People can carry the qualities of air in their personalities and being.  People who have a lot of air energy are quick thinkers, and ideas seem to come to them from out of the blue.  They are a fast-moving and sometimes scattered type of personality.  The absent-minded professor is an example of the personal archetype of air.  They are often free spirited and unconventional.  They are good at communicating on their own terms, as they can sometimes have trouble staying on task.  They tend to be good writers and like to travel.  They care about others and can be a wealth of information on a variety of topics – after all, Air is the element of information.

Your five Air assignments are opportunities for you to develop and deepen your relationship with Air, and to explore these qualities within yourself and the place, people and things (environment) around you.  Learn the feeling of this changeable element in ways that go beyond the physical realm.

Calling The Spirit of Air

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