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Spiral Path of a Witch

A Year and A Day Journey
The path of a witch is a spiral journey. Round and round one goes. Never a straight line, moving inwards and outwards, it is a journey of relearning and growth. It is not a circle that goes nowhere, but a spiral that allows us an opportunity to come back to experiences in our lives, so one can either go deeper, heal, release or anchor deep-rooted wisdom. Every turn of the wheel, we are relearning from a higher perspective. Gaining the skills of wisdom, courage, compassion, forgiveness and insight, so that one can move forward with strength and fortitude in this lifetime and all our future lifetimes.

When you embark on this sacred path, you will awaken your inner witches’ wisdom. This is a connection to deep-rooted and ancient knowledge. It is the path of integration of the seasons, the five elements, ritual, ancient folklore, traditions and wyrdings (spellwork).


This is your opportunity to build a meaningful connection to the natural world around you. Our ancestors bestowed a great blessing upon us, gifting us their folklore, traditions, ancient rites that mark the changing of the seasons.


It is time to claim your birthright and share your magickal self. Go ahead and take your first step towards your calling and get ready to claim your power source. The path of a witch is set before you. Trust that this is your time.

Do you feel the call to walk the spiral path of a witch? A journey of Priestesshood? Have you dreamt of holding your own sacred circles, covens and gatherings where you take a group out to dance around the fire, under the light of the moon? When you see anything that represents the sacred feminine, witchcraft, magick you feel a deep stirring within. Something inside of you knows that this is your work. It’s like a constant background hum, you are drawn to the divine feminine, Goddess, earth magick and ritual. It’s stirring within your soul. You are called to walk this path, to serve the earth, the Goddess and souls around the world.


Claim this. This is who you are. This is what you are meant to be.

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A year and a day online Witches Journey to Priestesshood
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