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Extra Witchy Fun

Aura Cleansing Air Tip

On a windy day, go outside and stand in the wind - imagine the air is blowing through you, cleansing your aura, blowing away any negative energy you may have picked up.  You feel clear and refreshed afterward.

Magickal Manifestation Tip

Before doing a money spell or money meditation, drink a cup of Peppermint Tea to increase your money drawing magick.  You can also chew a basil leaf or place mint oil in your water.

Witchy Tip for Protection

Hang Bells over or near your front door to keep away negative energy.  Bells attract positive energy and infuse spaces with high vibrational energy.


Faery Connection Tip

To connect with the world of the Fae, choose “in between” times and places.  For example, during twilight, when it is neither day nor night, the veil between worlds is thinner.  Also, places that connect, such as shorelines (neither water nor land,) crossroads (neither one path nor another) or portals in a forest, where you must walk between two trees or shrubs to pass.

Money Spell

Put some patchouli or cinnamon oil on a $20 bill and fold it into a compartment in your wallet to help attract money.

Sun and Citrine Spell

Use the power of the sun and a fiery prosperity stone, such as citrine, to clear away stagnation and give yourself a boost of energy.  Take a citrine quartz outside in the sun and feel the energy of the stone begin to fill your body as the sun charges the stone and magnifies the energy.  Stand with the stone in your hands and place your hands up in the sky overhead.  Feel the abundance of energy flow into your hands and through your body. Say out loud (3x's): 


Rose Water Mist

Mist your space with rose water to create a sweet, loving vibrational space.  This will make you open to attracting love and romance.


End the Drama

Fill an envelope or small paper bag with slippery elm, rue and yarrow herbs.  Add one piece of hematite.  Burn a yellow and a black candle to symbolize the end of gossip and drama.  Staring at the bag, repeat every slanderous and gossipy thing you can remember hearing in the past while.  Infuse the bag of herbs with all of the drama and gossip surrounding you.  Once this feels done, punch your fist into the bag and spit on it and say (3x's) with authority:

Bury the bag in the ground to guard against future incidents.

Healing Charm

Tie dried calendula blossoms into green cloth with red thread to create a charm for healing and immunity.

Sleep Help

Sleep with a black tourmaline in one hand to dissipate tension and anxious thoughts, and to promote restful sleep.

Give your cares to a Tree

Stand with your back against a tree and allow all of your cares and worries pass from you into the trunk of the tree.  Trees are able to transmute emotional dysfunction, negative feelings and anxiety into food for themselves, so you will be helping them while unburdening yourself.


Our circle is open,

but unbroken.

merry meet, merry part

merry meet again.

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