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Mystical Creations

Welcome to my creative soul space! I am honoured you are here! I discovered needle felting about seven years ago, and it’s been a beautiful evolving journey. My Mystical Creations are intimately connected to the natural and magickal world. I work the wool with a needle over many hours of binding, shaping, and infusing each creation with love-filled intentions, dreams, and prayers. Each creation has been infused with a medicine bundle of magickal herbs, roots, crystals, blessed gifts of the earth.  Fairies, Spirit Dolls, Goddesses, Witches, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, Elemental beings of Enchantment have all called my soul and asked me to give them form. I follow the whispers of their spirit, create and wait for their keeper to find them. They are a beautiful window to the mystical world. 
I hope they spark a wee bit of magick for you, and perhaps one will call your soul and ask you to be their “Keeper.” 
Blessed Be,


I have no dolls available at this time. I've been working on new creations and enhancing my craft. When I have dolls for sale, I'll add them to my monthly newsletter. So, please stay in touch! Bright Blessings! 

*At this time, I'm unable to take any custom orders. Thank. you for your interest.

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A few of my creations over the years...

Into the forest I go, to loose my mind and find my gnome! 

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