21 days to a

Soul Inspired Life

April 8 - 28
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Our souls are all-knowing and wise.

They have so much to offer and teach us.

Who and what we really are,

and what we truly desire.

As long as we ask and listen.

What happens when an Initiated Priestess who’s also a Natural Witch gets together with an essential oil loving Psychologist? Besides travelling halfway around the world to hang out in an ancient underground cave said to be a gateway to other realms (yes, we did that lol!), you get a beautiful combination of science and mysticism that draws from ancient practices and present research. Join Gillian White and Dr. Alishia Alibhai on this 21-day journey that combines 30+ years of experience in energy healing, teaching meditation, Psychology, Celtic and African Folk Magick, Soul Coaching®, Feng Shui, mindfulness-based techniques, and aromatherapy.

Throughout this 21-day journey, you will receive morning journal writing prompts, daily guidance to harness the power of gratitude, aromatherapy recommendations to infuse each day with the high vibrations of essential oils, daily challenges to inspire your growth and transformation, inspirational quotes and phrases, beautiful mandalas for you to colour, a powerful nightly releasing ceremony, and 21 different soul-inspired activities to empower and inspire you each day! 

May your soul be “So” inspired!! 

Join Gillian & Alishia on this beautiful journey to greater inspiration and a deeper connection with your soul!

Included in this program:

  • 21-days to a Soul Inspired life book

  • 21-Card Oracle Deck

  • Daily connection, guidance and support from Gillian & Alishia via email & Zoom

  • 4 Live Zoom Gatherings, including Welcome and Completion Ceremonies

  • 9 Meditations

  • Personalized Certificate of Completion, via email for you to print off


Our Journey

Your participation in this program is from the comfort of your own home and you will be able to participate in a way that fits with your schedule! You will receive your own personal Soul Inspired Life book, and your oracle card deck in the mail. You will receive daily emails with guidance and teachings from us. We will also have 4 live Zoom meetings for us to gather as a group and answer any questions and offer further teachings and insights. All videos will be recorded for your convenience.



March 22

Registration closes (March 15 overseas mail outs cut off)

  • Soul Inspired Book & Oracle cards will be mailed out in the month of March.


​April 1


  • Prerecorded Welcome Video  - Please watch our welcome video that will be emailed to you. 


April 2 - 7

Friday - Wednesday

  • Read and complete assignments up to day 1 in your Soul Inspired Book

  • Create your altar (Intention Space)

  • Complete your vision board/page

  • Set up your releasing ceremony space


April 7


  • We will go live via Zoom at 7 pm MST. A link to the recording will be emailed to you in the following morning’s email.

April 8 - 28


  • First Day of Our Soul Inspired Life!

  • Daily inspirations, meditations, videos and guidance via email from Alishia and Gillian

  • Recorded MEDITATIONS that will be emailed to you. Topics:

    • Roots​

    • Ancestral Guidance

    • Tree Wisdom

    • Crystal Connection

    • Flow

    • Shine

    • Journey Into Your Future

    • Freedom

    • Radiance

Zoom Calls

  • Please submit comments and questions in advance

  • Zoom calls will be no longer than 45 minutes in duration and will be recorded (the link to the recording will be emailed in the next day’s email). 

  • All live Zoom gatherings will take place at 7 pm MST on the following dates:

    • Wednesday, April 7 - Welcome Ceremony

    • Wednesday, April 14 - Q & A

    • Wednesday, April 21 - Q & A

    • Wednesday, April 28 - Closing Ceremony

April 29


  • Look for your personalized Certification of Completion from us, via email!



Registration Closed



Kindly understand that since we are mailing out materials,

all payments are non-refundable.

Thank you.

May you shine bright each day and brighter than the person you were yesterday! 


Foothills, Alberta


(just south of Calgary, Alberta)


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