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Merry Meet

Why do we need to learn about the elements in order to do magick?

The elements can be conceived as the ancestral energy of the earth herself which pre-date all life on this planet.  When you feel your connection to the elements, you are invoking four of the five points of the pentagram, which is a five pointed star signifying the four elements, plus the element of spirit, bound in the circle of our sacred will.  When you connect with the elements, you connect with the ancestry of the Earth, and that is no small amount of power to draw from.  You also honour the Earth with this connection, feeding her energy in a time when so many are taking without gratitude.. The elements lend you power, while helping you feel your place in the cosmos.. We want to make our magick with the blessings and help of the natural world, not subdue it into doing our bidding.  Magick is a dance of energy, …so you need to know your dance partners well.

Another reason we need to get in touch with the elements in an intimate way, is that one of the most important aspects of manifesting (working spells) comes from FEELING the energy, not just paying it lipservice by calling the quarters.  You need to have a personal relationship with the elements, so that when you invoke them, they visit you on a deep, affective level – you feel it in your soul.  For example, if you were to call on the East (Air) you want to have a connection that causes you to feel the power of air in all its many aspects - the sensation of wind blowing in your hair, music on the wind, inspiration of ideas, and the power of a hurricane at the same time as a gentle loving breeze.  Feel all the dark and light power of Air, and at the same time you invoke it, you merge with it.. This is difficult if you have not taken the time to know the element intimately…to form a relationship with it.


Connecting to the elements is an essential practice in casting a circle, the way in which we create sacred and protected space to work spells. This course is designed to give you the opportunity to form the necessary relationships with the elements that you will need for your work as a witch.


So now it’s time to start on your lessons! We will work with each element in the order they are called upon when casting a circle…Air (East), Fire (South), Water(West) and Earth (North.) Our final lesson will be on the element of Spirit.  Enjoy building your relationships with your new allies.

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